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Association between Interferon-Inducible Protein 6 (IFI6) Polymorphisms and Hepatitis B Virus Clearance
Geun-Hee Park, Kyoung-Yeon Kim, Sung Won Cho, Jae Youn Cheong, Gyeong Im Yu, Dong Hoon Shin, Kyu Bum Kwack
Genomics Inform. 2013;11(1):15-23.   Published online March 31, 2013
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Effects of Somatic Mutations Are Associated with SNP in the Progression of Individual Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patient: The Two-Hit Theory Explains Inherited Predisposition to Pathogenesis
Soyoung Park, Youngil Koh, Sung-Soo Yoon
Genomics Inform. 2013;11(1):34-37.   Published online March 31, 2013
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Semantic Modeling for SNPs Associated with Ethnic Disparities in HapMap Samples
HyoYoung Kim, Won Gi Yoo, Junhyung Park, Heebal Kim, Byeong-Chul Kang
Genomics Inform. 2014;12(1):35-41.   Published online March 31, 2014
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Identification of Ethnically Specific Genetic Variations in Pan-Asian Ethnos
Jin Ok Yang, Sohyun Hwang, Woo-Yeon Kim, Seong-Jin Park, Sang Cheol Kim, Kiejung Park, Byungwook Lee
Genomics Inform. 2014;12(1):42-47.   Published online March 31, 2014
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Association between Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of the Fibrinogen Alpha Chain (FGA) Gene and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Korean Population.
Joo Yeon Hwang, Min Hyung Ryu, Min Jin Go, Bermseok Oh, Yoon Shin Cho
Genomics Inform. 2009;7(2):57-64.
Lack of Replication of Genetic Association with Body Mass Index Detected by Genome-wide Association Study.
Hae In Lee, Jae Jung Kim, Taesung Park, Kyunga Kim, Jong Eun Lee, Yoon Shin Cho, Jong Young Lee, Bok Ghee Han, Jong Keuk Lee
Genomics Inform. 2011;9(2):59-63.
Genome-Wide Association Study of Bone Mineral Density in Korean Men
Ye Seul Bae, Sun-Wha Im, Mi So Kang, Jin Hee Kim, Soon Hang Lee, Be Long Cho, Jin Ho Park, You-Seon Nam, Ho-Young Son, San Deok Yang, Joohon Sung, Kwang Ho Oh, Jae Moon Yun, Jong Il Kim
Genomics Inform. 2016;14(2):62-68.   Published online June 30, 2016
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A Variant in RUNX3 Is Associated with the Risk of Ankylosing Spondylitis in Koreans
Sung-Min Cho, Seung-Hyun Jung, Yeun-Jun Chung
Genomics Inform. 2017;15(2):65-68.   Published online June 15, 2017
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A Statistical Analysis of SNPs, In-Dels, and Their Flanking Sequences in Human Genomic Regions.
Seung Wook Shin, Young Joo Kim, Byung Dong Kim
Genomics Inform. 2007;5(2):68-76.
Development of Optimal Breeding Pigs Using DNA Marker Information.
Sang Wook Kim, Jung Gun Roh, Yang Il Cho, Bong Hwan Choi, Tae Hun Kim, Jong Joo Kim, Kwan Suk Kim
Genomics Inform. 2010;8(2):81-85.
Interaction Effects of Lipoprotein Lipase Polymorphisms with Lifestyle on Lipid Levels in a Korean Population: A Cross-sectional Study
Jung-A Pyun, Sunshin Kim, KyungChae Park, Inkyung Baik, Nam H Cho, InSong Koh, Jong-Young Lee, Yoon Shin Cho, Young Jin Kim, Min Jin Go, Eugene Shim, KyuBum Kwack, Chol Shin
Genomics Inform. 2012;10(2):88-98.   Published online June 30, 2012
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Allelic Frequencies of 20 Visible Phenotype Variants in the Korean Population
Ji Eun Lim, Bermseok Oh
Genomics Inform. 2013;11(2):93-96.   Published online June 30, 2013
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Functional annotation of lung cancer‒associated genetic variants by cell type‒specific epigenome and long-range chromatin interactome
Andrew J. Lee, Inkyung Jung
Genomics Inform. 2021;19(1):e3.   Published online March 25, 2021
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Whole-genome sequence analysis through online web interfaces: a review
A. W. A. C. W. R. Gunasekara, L. G. T. G. Rajapaksha, T.L. Tung
Genomics Inform. 2022;20(1):e3.   Published online March 31, 2022
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Presentation of potential genes and deleterious variants associated with non-syndromic hearing loss: a computational approach
Manisha Ray, Surya Narayan Rath, Saurav Sarkar, Mukund Namdev Sable
Genomics Inform. 2022;20(1):e5.   Published online March 31, 2022
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