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Post-GWAS Strategies.
Sangsoo Kim, Jong Bhak
Genomics Inform. 2011;9(1):1-4.
Next-Generation Sequencing and Epigenomics Research: A Hammer in Search of Nails
Shrutii Sarda, Sridhar Hannenhalli
Genomics Inform. 2014;12(1):2-11.   Published online March 31, 2014
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Construction of an RNase P Ribozyme Library System for Functional Genomics Applications.
Sun Woo Hong, Hyo Jei Choi, Young Hoon Lee, Dong Ki Lee
Genomics Inform. 2007;5(1):6-9.
Computational Challenges for Integrative Genomics.
Jun Hyong Kim, Paul Magwene
Genomics Inform. 2004;2(1):7-18.
XPERNATO-TOX: an Integrated Toxicogenomics Knowledgebase.
Jung Hoon Woo, Hyeoun Eui Kim, Gu Kong, Ju Han Kim
Genomics Inform. 2006;4(1):40-44.
Classification of Colon Cancer Patients Based on the Methylation Patterns of Promoters
Wonyoung Choi, Jungwoo Lee, Jin-Young Lee, Sun-Min Lee, Da-Won Kim, Young-Joon Kim
Genomics Inform. 2016;14(2):46-52.   Published online June 30, 2016
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Molecular Imaging in the Age of Genomic Medicine.
Jonghoe Byun
Genomics Inform. 2007;5(2):46-55.
BioCovi: A Visualization Service for Comparative Genomics Analysis.
Jungsul Lee, Daeui Park, Jong Bhak
Genomics Inform. 2005;3(2):52-54.
Utility of Integrated Analysis of Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacometabolomics in Early Phase Clinical Trial: A Case Study of a New Molecular Entity
Jaeseong Oh, Sojeong Yi, Namyi Gu, Dongseong Shin, Kyung-Sang Yu, Seo Hyun Yoon, Joo-Youn Cho, In-Jin Jang
Genomics Inform. 2018;16(3):52-58.   Published online September 30, 2018
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Prediction of Mammalian MicroRNA Targets : Comparative Genomics Approach with Longer 3' UTR Databases.
Seungyoon Nam, Young Kook Kim, Pora Kim, V Narry Kim, Seokmin Shin, Sanghyuk Lee
Genomics Inform. 2005;3(3):53-62.
DNA Microarrays for Comparative Genomics: Identification of Conserved and Variable Sequences in Prokaryotic Genomes.
Jae Chang Cho
Genomics Inform. 2004;2(1):53-56.
Comparative Genomics of T-complex protein 10 like in Humans and Chimpanzees.
Il Chul Kim, Dae Soo Kim, Dae Won Kim, Sang Haeng Choi, Han Ho Choi, Sung Hwa Chae, Hong Seog Park
Genomics Inform. 2005;3(2):61-65.
Identification of 1,531 cSNPs from Full-length Enriched cDNA Libraries of the Korean Native Pig Using in Silico Analysis.
Younshin Oh, Dinh Truong Nguyen, Kwangha Park, Vijaya R Dirisala, Hojun Choi, Chankyu Park
Genomics Inform. 2009;7(2):65-84.
Data Mining for High Dimensional Data in Drug Discovery and Development.
Kwan R Lee, Daniel C Park, Xiwu Lin, Sergio Eslava
Genomics Inform. 2003;1(2):65-74.
Development of a Knowledge Base for Korean Pharmacogenomics Research Network.
Chan Hee Park, Su Yeon Lee, Yong Jung, Yu Rang Park, Hye Won Lee, Ju Han Kim
Genomics Inform. 2005;3(3):68-73.
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