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Gene Expression Profiling of 6-MP (6-mercaptopurine) in Liver.
Hyung Lae Kim, Han Na Kim, Eun Ju Lee
Genomics Inform. 2006;4(1):16-22.
Standard-based Integration of Heterogeneous Large-scale DNA Microarray Data for Improving Reusability.
Yong Jung, Hwa Jeong Seo, Yu Rang Park, Jihun Kim, Sang Jay Bien, Ju Han Kim
Genomics Inform. 2011;9(1):19-27.
Informative Gene Selection Method in Tumor Classification.
Hyo Soo Lee, Jong Hoon Park
Genomics Inform. 2004;2(1):19-29.
Global Optimization of Clusters in Gene Expression Data of DNA Microarrays by Deterministic Annealing.
Kwon Moo Lee, Tae Su Chung, Ju Han Kim
Genomics Inform. 2003;1(1):20-24.
DNA Methylation Profiles of Blood Cells Are Distinct between Early-Onset Obese and Control Individuals
Je-Keun Rhee, Jin-Hee Lee, Hae Kyung Yang, Tae-Min Kim, Kun-Ho Yoon
Genomics Inform. 2017;15(1):28-37.   Published online March 29, 2017
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Gene Expression Pattern Analysis via Latent Variable Models Coupled with Topographic Clustering.
Jeong Ho Chang, Sung Wook Chi, Byoung Tak Zhang
Genomics Inform. 2003;1(1):32-39.
Non-negligible Occurrence of Errors in Gender Description in Public Data Sets
Jong Hwan Kim, Jong-Luyl Park, Seon-Young Kim
Genomics Inform. 2016;14(1):34-40.   Published online March 31, 2016
Full textFull text    PubreaderPubReader    ePubePub    PDFPDF    PDFSupplementary Material
Comparative Analysis of Predicted Gene Expression among Crenarchaeal Genomes
Shibsankar Das, Brajadulal Chottopadhyay, Satyabrata Sahoo
Genomics Inform. 2017;15(1):38-47.   Published online March 29, 2017
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Genetic Architecture of Transcription and Chromatin Regulation
Kwoneel Kim, Hyoeun Bang, Kibaick Lee, Jung Kyoon Choi
Genomics Inform. 2015;13(2):40-44.   Published online June 30, 2015
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Gene Expression Analysis for Statin-induced Cytotoxicity from Rat Primary Hepatocytes.
Moon Jeong Ko, Joon Ik Ahn, Hee Jung Shin, Hye Soo Kim, Hye Joo Chung, Ho Sang Jeong
Genomics Inform. 2010;8(1):41-49.
Effects of Mercuric Chloride on Gene Expression in NRK-52E Cells.
Joon Ik Ahn, Si Yeon Baik, Moon Jeong Ko, Hee Jung Shin, Hye Joo Chung, Ho Sang Jeong
Genomics Inform. 2010;8(1):50-57.
TRAPR: R Package for Statistical Analysis and Visualization of RNA-Seq Data
Jae Hyun Lim, Soo Youn Lee, Ju Han Kim
Genomics Inform. 2017;15(1):51-53.   Published online March 29, 2017
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Single and Dual Ligand Effects on Gene Expression Changes in Mouse Macrophage Cells.
Sang Dun Choi, Jeong Sun Seo
Genomics Inform. 2006;4(2):57-64.
Prediction of Exposure to 1763MHz Radiofrequency Radiation Using Support Vector Machine Algorithm in Jurkat Cell Model System.
Tai Qin Huang, Min Su Lee, Young Joo Bae, Hyun Seok Park, Woong Yang Park, Seo Jeong Sun
Genomics Inform. 2006;4(2):71-76.
Poor Correlation Between the New Statistical and the Old Empirical Algorithms for DNA Microarray Analysis.
Ju Han Kim, Winston P Kuo, Sek Won Kong, Lucila Ohno Machado, Isaac S Kohane
Genomics Inform. 2003;1(2):87-93.
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